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Virtual Academy

Practical information for vampire and zombie hunters!

Interactive Cases

New York, 1904

Montana, 1962

New Orleans, 1965

Detroit, 1973

Austin, Texas

Hand-to-Hand Combat with Zombies
The Front Kick
The Side Kick
Fighting Off a Group of Zombies
Defending Yourself Against Vampires
Fighting Off a Pack of Vampires

Swordfighting: Part 1
Swordfighting: Part 2
Swordfighting: Part 3
Swordfighting: Part 4
Swordfighting: Part 5
FVZA Aptitude Test
Vampire Knowledge
Zombie Knowledge
Werewolf Knowledge
General Knowledge
General Knowledge II
Academy Store
Campus Map

Below is a look at the campus of the Federal Vampire & Zombie Agency Academy as it appeared in 1965. Every year, about a hundred fresh-faced recruits would arrive at the Academy for two years of intensive training in vampire and zombie hunting and extermination.


1. Dickerson Building
The administrative center of the campus. The Admissions Department was based here.
2. Office of the Commandant
Dr. Hugo Pecos' former stomping grounds.
3. Museum & Archives
Cadets could study here from an enormous database of FVZA cases.
4. Bookstore & Gift Shop
Often the first stop for cadets after checking in, this is where they purchased their course books and FVZA gear.
5. Zombie Studies
Zombie science and sociology.
6. Fatinelli Building
Vampire science and sociology.
7. Huffman Building
The history of vampires and zombies.
8. Dojo
Martial arts training.
9. Weapons Center
Here, cadets got a crash course in weaponry and target practice.
10. Prevost Center
The Academy's cafeteria and student union. A place for cadets to meet and unwind.
11. Fangtown
Cadets put their training into action by taking on the undead (as portrayed by actors) in a mock-up of a real town.

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