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Historical Tales


Since their first appearance in recorded history, vampires and zombies have made a profound impact on our world. From religion to warfare, politics to art, it is difficult to find an aspect of society that hasn't been influenced by the undead. Our dealings with them has always been a reflection of where we are as a people.

In these pages, we will bring to life vampires and zombies from the past, along with the events that made them famous. Included is a timeline for handy reference.

  Historical Tales Archive

  Longinus, Vampire Emperor
  Rome is Saved
  The Stone City Vampires
  Simonetta and Giuliano
  The Trial of Fatinelli
  Vampire Ascension
  The Ship of the Dead
  Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bucket of Blood
  The Mystery of Mungo Park
  Haussman's Children
  The Vampire Investigative Bureau
  Fort Blood
  The Vampire Rights Movement
  Vampire Population Hits One Million
  The Goessman Institute
  The FVZA Goes Undercover
  The Order of the Broken Cross
  The Lazo Disaster
  Vampires in the Vietnam War
  The Vampires of Studio 54
  Top five places to find vampires in the United States
  The Top Five Vampire and Zombie Hunters

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