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Famous Cases


In a typical year, the FVZA would receive thousands of tips on vampire and zombie activity. As many of the tips turned out to be hoaxes, the initial investigation was usually carried out by phone. If the testimony was compelling enough, an FVZA team was dispatched to the site to gather evidence and interview witnesses. In some cases, the trail died; in others, it led to frightening encounters.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, we are making these reports available to the public for the first time. The reports have been edited down to contain only the most pertinent information. They represent a fair cross-section of the types of reports we compiled at FVZA. Some are humorous, others chilling. Many are maddeningly inconclusive. At the bottom of each report, Dr. Pecos has included his own comments, comments which were not part of the original report.

Featured Report

   Terror in the Factory

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