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S. David Staggs's new book, Z-Day: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse
Zombie case study from Australia
Zombie Informer Zombie-related media
Zombie novel The Reapers Are the Angels
Phantoms and Monsters blog
Zombie Pandemic Free PPBG MMORPG
The Autumn series from David Moody
Gone Book Trailer
Epidemic Novel by Shawn Staggs. Also, check out the book's myspace page
Zombie World News
God of the Dead Zombie Novel
Zombie Me Zombie-related artwork
Zombies Infect Google Maps
Zombie Flash Game
Zombie Portraits
Zombie Pinups The spookiest show on earth!
ZombieFans Zombie-related site with movie clips, photos and forum
The Last Stand Free zombie game
Fan of the Dead A documentary on George Romero's great trilogy of zombies movies


The Vampire Film Festival in New Orleans
"Relations That Suck," a book by Marilyn Yu
The Horror of It All Josh Haney's collection of seven horror stories
Vampire Game Room
Ghosthunting, Kentucky
Something to be Desired Web series Moon Warriors Werewolf novel by Rusty Nugent
Zompire The Undead Film Festival
Ponderous Productions Texas-based filmmakers and creators of The Last Blood Trilogy
Vampyr World French vampire film site
Terror Film Festival! Philadelphia
RPG Junction
Terror4fun The complete horror experience
Corpses for Sale Hand-crafted corpses made to your specifications
San Francisco Chinatown Ghost Tours Ghostly tours of Chinatown's historic and myserious streets and alleyways
Boutique du Vampyre The original New Orleans Vampire store

Undead Control

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478th Urban Defense Command
369 Urban Defense Command
Jim Rage's Elite Zombie Hunting Squad
New Hamshire Vampire Hunters
Northern Missouri Assault Team
Destruction Faction


Costume Supercenter
Pure Costumes
Hollywood memorabilia
Troll and Toad Collectible Game Cards.Skirmish rules for miniatures in the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition realm
Sword Forum Everything you wanted to know about swords
Tiger Teeth Designs

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