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Werewolves Versus Vampires and Zombies

FVZA scientists perform an autopsy on a
werewolf killed near Kalispell, Montana.

Previously, I discussed how vampires and zombies would fare in combat. But what about werewolves? How would they match up against their perhaps more well known counterparts? Let's go to the chart and find out:

Attribute Werewolves Vampires Zombies Advantage
Brain Advanced Highly Developed Barely Functional Vampires
Eyes Well developed Night Vision Extreme Myopia Vampires
Sense of Smell Highly developed (100 times keener than a human's) Above Average Exceptional Werewolves
Hearing Acute (six to 10 mile range) Exceptional Impaired Werewolves
Jaws Bone-crushing (2500 pounds per square inch of pressure) Powerful Vice-like Werewolves
Nervous System Normal Normal Capable of Repair Zombies
Circulatory System Normal Resilient Virtually indestructible Zombies
Strength Epic Exceptional Powerful Grip Werewolves
Speed/Agility Outstanding Advanced Stiff-limbed, slow Werewolves
As frightening and powerful as vampires and zombies are, it is the werewolf that truly occupies the top of the food chain here. A rare blend of power and savagery, the werewolf combines the most formidable traits of its undead cousins, and then some. In fact, it's said the only thing a zombie fears is a werewolf. One reason there are virtually no existing tales of encounters with werewolves in the wild is that anyone who had such an encounter did not live to tell about it.

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