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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: stalker

Base: United Kingdom

Date/Time: December 6, 2009

Incident: There was an odd man shambling down the street following a policeman the other night. When the policeman turned around, the man grabbed him and tried biting him on his bulletproof vest. The policeman restrained the man, and as he did, I could clearly see a massive gash on the man's neck. One of his eyes was missing, and his clothes were torn. The officer ignored me when I tried to tell him that it was a zombie. I clearly saw it struggling when the backup car arrived to take it to the station. I also noticed that from where it was walking there was a trail of a bloodlike substance, or as you call it, "zombie oil." I'm unsure what happend from there.

Comment from Dr. Pecos: It certainly sounds like a zombie from what you describe—especially the missing eye. I would need a sample of the blood to make a definitive finding. I've had several reports of zombie sightings in the U.K. recently, so I would suggest to my British friends that they exercise caution and steer clear of any shamblers, be they zombies or drunks.

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